After diabetes, thyroid problems are increasing day by day and half of the population suffering from it remains undiagnosed or unaware of this issue. Thyroid and diabetes go hand in hand because thyroid is responsible for regular metabolism while thyroid functions not functioning the right way would cause irregular pattern of health affecting diabetes highly specially when it is left untreated.

Though it is not necessary that a person suffering from diabetes could be affected by thyroid but an abnormal thyroid function can surely lead to diabetes. This is the reason that every person suffering through diabetes is suspected for being victim of thyroid due to which their screening and blood test is considered necessary for their safety.

Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland located in your neck above your collarbone. You can simply consider it as a medium which transports certain hormones such as T2 and T3 through blood to different parts of the liver, muscles, heart and other organs to make sure they are functioning properly.

Cells are known as building blocks of life. Human body is made up of countless cells and these cells carry receptors. When thyroid secretes certain hormones, they attach themselves to a specific protein which is present in the train of receptors. These receptors carry them to every organ making sure that they are working fine. This is why an imbalanced amount of hormones secreted by thyroid could affect many organs at once, which can result in a huge variety of symptoms.

Every person’s body have different mechanism and that’s why the symptoms also vary widely. In order to correctly diagnose thyroid, a TSH blood test is carried out which indicates the exact amount of hormones secreted by thyroid that quickly explains the symptoms. It’s hard to say which symptom indicates to abnormal thyroid function because it highly depends on the person, their age and time period since this dysfunction is being carried out.

Every thyroid problem occurring in different people have its different cure and that’s why we ask patients to focus on diabetes diet plan to make sure one of the problems is in stable condition as they both work together, while thyroid treatment keeps working on its pace making sure your body is treated the right way.