We all love to make and have a huge collection or album of photos which would have either funny or pose-ful pictures that make us remember those moments when they are captured. Although,  the time is gone of 1950s and photographers,  we have vending machines that can fulfill our such desires in the way we want. These vending machines and small room like space that have curtains all around in which you can go to take pictures via that vending machine is collectively called as photo booth. Booth is defined as that space in which the picture is captured and photo is anything you captured via camera.

Photo booth is like a breakthrough invention in the field of photography which can let you to take pictures either in vintage booth or school booth and so on. There are many types of photobooth which can make you to avail their services more and more. Some of such photo-booths are:

  1. 360 degree photobooth: It let you to take photos from different angles in the same environment
  2. GIF photobooth: It can make GIFs automatically by combining your photos which you can share on social media
  3. Old School Photobooth: Cozy photos can be tKen with props to look school kids who are taking pictures on their farewell or graduation ceremony
  4. Mirror photobooth: Self-obsessed people can use it to take their pictures in front of mirror which are clicked because of the camera attached to the mirror that is either decorated to look funny.
  5. Open air photobooth: You can take pictures in open environment if you have this photo booth services because it can enhance the quality by changing or enhancing the background and props.
  6. Augmented reality photobooth: This photo booth can create your virtual picture on big screen that you control by moving your hands.
  7. Green Screen Photobooth: If you want such photo-booth solutions that can bring Eiffel Tower in your pictures while keeping you laid down in USA’s desserts, then green screen is made for you.

So,  these are a few photo-booths which you should look for and try because they can give you that pictures and fun which you can be provided at any photography studio even if it is the best studio in your city. Therefore, collect some money and try One of them every week to make the weekend nor-so-boring.