Do you have to arrange birthday party for your child and you are looking for top catering companies in Dubai for that? If yes, then do not do this stupidity and arrange it by yourselves for cheaper. 

Food catering companies in Dubai will cost you a lot. You can arrange it beautifully by yourselves within your budget on time. All you need is to buy balloons and ribbons for decoration and few food items to make the party delightful. 

There are many food items which you can buy but the most common and children favourite items are:

  1. Chips: You can arrange varieties of chips in your child’s birthday party. You can keep a bowl of plain chips along with spicy chips to give variety and make every child to have it according to their taste and likes and dislikes. However, it is not necessary to buy from an expensive store. You can buy it from cheap store. 
  2. Biscuits: You can keep a plate of chocolate cookies or chocolate chip cookies to have different kinds of food for children to eat from spicy or salty to sweet.
  3. French fries: French fries are favourite of each child and adult. Keeping a bowl of golden fries with mayonnaise, pepper and salt is the best addition on table which guests can desire for. 
  4. Patties: You can keep round chicken patties too to make the tea time of birthday party healthy and palatable. A single plate of numerous patties is enough if there are eight to ten children in the party. 
  5. Pizza or Fast food: Pizza is cheap and one of the favourite food of children. You can buy one or two large pepperoni pizzas for party and arrange them in two to three plates. If you want to have something else on table, then you can buy burgers, rolls or cheese potatoes or kebabs to make the day special. 
  6. Marshmallows: Yes, it is different and must-have addition on table. You can buy one or two bags of marshmallows from nearby store and keep it a bowl of it on table. You can place nutella-full small bowl beside it to make everyone to have it and if you want to have less mess on the day, then you can keep half-chocolate-dipped-marshmallows in the bowl which would have tooth-pick in center to make it easier for kids to eat without dirtying themselves.
  7. Chocolate coated strawberries: If you have nutella or sweet chocolate and milk, then make a paste of it and dip strawberries in it. Keep coated strawberries in a plate and freeze it in refrigerator for two to three hours. You can coat different fruits too like banana or apple, but they won’t taste as well as strawberries.